The Sierra Nevada Diaries

Including Neighbouring Mountain Ranges

An Uneasy Night on Cerro de la Salchicha

Rivers and Rocks, Tracks and Tunnels

Of Mice, Men, Mountains and Motors

Stranger in Paradise

Karst Adrift

In the Valley of the Toril

The High and Mighty Mines of Lújar

Close Encounter with Wild Boar

Happy Valleys

Chasing the Storm

Autumn and Unfound Paths

Old era

Sierra de Lujar – And the Way to San José

Veleta – The Hard Way

Tozal del Cartujo – And the Road That Franco Built

Running Over Figs (Lujar: The Second Attempt)

Men at Work on Pico del Tajo de los Machos

The Call of Cerro del Caballo

Alquife: A Small Piece of Cumbria

Walking Over Acorns (Lujar: The Third Attempt)

Flag Day on Mulhacen – The Roof of Spain

Sierra Nevada: Some Helpful Notes

Among Mules, Mountains and the People of the Sierra

Giving a Fig About Walking up Gorges

Lucero – Where Old Hatreds Linger

And Finally, Lujar . . . Finally

In the Realms of Glory on Cerro del Trevenque

Climbing Cielo – as Swallows Come Back to Capistrano

Walking up the Camino and Down Again

Paths, Goats – and Huenes to Pico de la Carne

The Sierra Nevada: Two Peaks, Two Countries

Plodding over Pinnel – In the Rio Guadalfeo

Untold Stories of High Haciendas