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Days Like This, No 18: A Dip in Goat’s Water

WE British are collectors of junk and tickers of lists. Men in particular, if left unmolested, will amass sheds full of lawnmower parts, used spark-plugs, obsolete tools and jars of reclaimed nuts and bolts just in case the unforeseen occurs … Continue reading

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Above Bethesda – Ancient and Modern

TO the south-west of Bethesda an open moor rises towards the clouded heights of Elider Fawr and Mynedd Perfedd. It’s a wild place dotted with occasional ruins and sheepfolds and crossed by indistinct trackways . . .

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In Praise of Scotch Pies and Carn á Chlamain

A man needs sustenance in the mountains. There is nothing finer than a Scotch pie . . . Continue reading

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