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Mud: It’s Alive and Sticking

MUD. Don’t go there except with your feet. Let it fill your boots and stick like it’s supposed to. But don’t delve any deeper unless you want a shovelful of acronyms . . .

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A Blackpowder Blast From the Past

IUSED to blow up huge chunks of Cumbrian hillside for a living. I stopped doing it not through any regard for conservation or the environment, but because I’d noticed that none of my more senior colleagues ever reached retirement age … Continue reading

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Circling the Wagons Beneath High Noon Hill

IT’S one of those days when nothing goes right, when the most straightforward of plans unravels and you stand in mist and rain with water trickling down your neck, and wonder what possessed you to swing your legs out of … Continue reading

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Rookhope: A Reminder of Who We Are

WEARDALE is a Pennine valley that has the footprints of industry stamped all over it. It has no pretentions and shows no inclination to tidy itself up. That’s why it appeals to me so much . . .

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High Cup – And the Rise and Fall of Belfast Sinks

Don’t ever, ever, ever, say the slog from Cow Green to High Cup is devoid of interest . . . Continue reading

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Lucero – Where Old Hatreds Linger

LUCERO is a prominent pyramid of baked rock that looks ten times more a mountain than nearly everything twice, three times and four times its size. The approaches from the south are long and incredibly steep. From the north, though, … Continue reading

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Marching as to War – on Beinn á Ghlo

BEINN Á GHLO is a fine massif. It rises above Glen Garry in a series of stony peaks and ridges that swoop into wild country away to the east. There are three Munros in this majestic group of hills – … Continue reading

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A Long Slow Walk Through Durham City

Walking with 80 banners, 50 bands and the Durham miners . . . Continue reading

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I’m Not a Pheasant Plucker . . .

SO I’m sitting at work doing my job – which consists of creating and editing the national news pages of The Northern Echo and one or two other things – when my eyes alight on a story from the Press … Continue reading

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London 2: Casting Bells, Fighting Fascism, Hanging Pirates

A walk through the East End in search of the unusual – and a good pint . . . Continue reading

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They Came in Search of Paradise (Corrour – Part 1)

Corrour Halt is a station serving nowhere – in the middle of nowhere… Continue reading

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The Walker With No Ticket to Ride

YOU’VE had a long day walking and intend to catch a train home. The station ticket office is closed and there’s no conductor on the train you’ve caught. You alight at your destination without a ticket. Do you explain your … Continue reading

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