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Autumn and Unfound Paths

THAT feeling has returned – the yearning that has its roots in the depths of the stomach and rises in a flood of warmth and expectation. All I did was raise my eyes towards the hills and behold streams of … Continue reading

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In Praise of Scotch Pies and Carn á Chlamain

A man needs sustenance in the mountains. There is nothing finer than a Scotch pie . . . Continue reading

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Beinn Dearg – A Teenage Dream

I LIKE Beinn Dearg. It’s a mountain with character way out in the backcountry. And I like the sound it makes when people pronounce its name correctly. It’s like the call of a bird or the noise of a rock … Continue reading

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Tide In, Tide Out – A Thirty-Year Journey

A walk along the Wherryman’s Way to England’s most inaccessible pub . . . Continue reading

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Empty Skies, Empty Moors, Empty Head . . .

How to cleanse the mind: cycle to the Tan Hill Inn and swoop like a swallow . . . Continue reading

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Long Meg – Standing with the Stones

Neolithic memories in a stone circle on the edge of the Lakes Continue reading

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Mount Keen, The Mounth, and a Pan of Polish Borscht

Mountain climbed, you need good food to finish the day . . . Continue reading

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Here Endeth Another Lesson

YOU’RE resting in the shade on the crest of a Pennine pass when two people draw up in a campervan. Instead of getting out to admire the view, soak up the sunshine and breathe the fresh Pennine air, they put … Continue reading

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Coasting the Coast to Coast

IF anyone saw a C2C cyclist shoot over his handlebars on the seafront at Roker, Sunderland, at the weekend, and felt a momentary pang of concern as he landed with a howl and his bike on top of him – … Continue reading

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