The Walker With No Ticket to Ride

YOU’VE had a long day walking and intend to catch a train home. The station ticket office is closed and there’s no conductor on the train you’ve caught. You alight at your destination without a ticket. Do you explain your predicament to a station official and pay your £10 fare? Or do you shrug your shoulders and walk out through the station doors – in the knowledge you have committed a misdemeanour far worse than many of the looters presently being processed by the courts? CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING or go to Feet First.

About McFadzean

Alen McFadzean, journalist, formerly of the Northern Echo, in Darlington, and the North-West Evening Mail, Barrow. Former shipyard electrician. Former quarryman and tunneller. Climbs mountains and runs long distances to make life harder. Gravitates to the left in politics just to make life harder still. Now lives in Orgiva, Spain.
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6 Responses to The Walker With No Ticket to Ride

  1. Greg says:

    Just come back from camping in Aigues Tortes so missed most of the riot stuff. Good to here a more balanced opinion on the subject. Im sure I read some where that the people of Iceland are refusing to pay back, via cuts, the money the country owes for the financial crash. They are also taking out criminal proceedings against the bankers and politicians who did it.


    • McEff says:

      Hi Greg. Good to hear from you again. The Icelanders never did take things lying down, so best of luck to them. I’ll look forward to reading your holiday reports. Aigues Tortes is a part of the Pyrenees I am not familiar with. I’ve just had a quick glance on Wikipedia and it looks fantastic.


      • Greg says:

        Yes you are, you climbed Montardo which is on the edge of it. I mean to do that one day. 5 years ago i walked past Montardo to get to what must be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world .. Lac Tort de Rius. This time I went through a col (Port de Caldes) and looked across towards Montardo.


        • McEff says:

          That must be what they call a senior moment. Grumpiness is one thing, forgetfulness another. Montardo is a great mountain. There are a few around that area, the top of the Val d’Aran, that I wanted to climb but didn’t have the time. So now I’ve got the geography sorted out in my head, I’ll look forward all the more to reading your accounts.


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