The Inglorious 12th – It’s a Riot

IT’S not a good day for walking the moors. There are looters about. And they’re carrying guns . . . CLICK HERE FOR FEET FIRST to continue reading.

About McFadzean

Alen McFadzean, journalist, formerly of the Northern Echo, in Darlington, and the North-West Evening Mail, Barrow. Former shipyard electrician. Former quarryman and tunneller. Climbs mountains and runs long distances to make life harder. Gravitates to the left in politics just to make life harder still. Now lives in Orgiva, Spain.
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4 Responses to The Inglorious 12th – It’s a Riot

  1. BG! says:

    Can’t help thinking that you’ve just opened the blinds on the window of opportunity and allowed the light of inspiration to blaze through…


    It’s a win-win thing. Increased revenue from the licences and permits. Sir Horace Chinless-F’eckWitt and his chums get their bag-limits. The innocent bred-for-slaughter birds are left to fend for themselves. The foundation-classes are thinned out. Police costs are returned to pre-riot levels. Shopkeepers are forever grateful and promise to support their saviours and so Tweed becomes desirable and sales boom. The Scottish fabric industry is revived. More folk take up the “Tweed and Shotgun” image and hence more shooters are available for crowd-control.



  2. BG! says:

    We have plenty of men with vision.

    No, hang on a minute…

    We have plenty of men with televisions. 58″ plasma and stuff like that. From Currys the other night, IIRC. They’re all sitting around watching hi-def panoscreen coverage of the unrest because there’s nowt else on and the footie’s been cancelled.


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